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Why should I buy from you?

With 70% - 90% off of MSRP or first retail of brand name and famous name merchandise sold to you in lot sizes, you can capitalize on selling merchandise faster and buying more frequently to grow your business faster.

Wholesale101 is not a broker—we own and inspect everything offered. And since we have long-term relationships with brands and factories that manufacture for the brands, we receive new inventories daily.

Even though our quality control standards are some of the industy’s highest, customers are invited and encouraged to visit our Beacon Falls, Connecticut warehouses to inspect merchandise before purchase. We offer an assortment of trusted, quality brands but because of trademark guidelines we cannot mention all brands we purchase and offer. Email us and we will identify to qualified customers.

How do I make a purchase?

Purchasing on wholesale101.com is easy. Register with a user name and password to view membership prices. Select the lot you wish to purchase and click Add to Cart”. The on-screen shopping cart will show each item (lot) added. To complete your order, click the Check Out” button from the on-screen shopping cart.

How can I inquire about the products offered by Wholesale101?

Customer service is available from 8am – 5pm ET Monday - Friday via email at info@wholesale101.com or by calling 1-800-758-4499.

After business hours, you may contact us via email at info@wholesale101.com and we will respond as soon as possible on the next business day.

What is a broker?

A broker doesn’t own inventory and cannot inspect products. Brokers also get paid a percentage of sales by connecting merchants with customers.

With Wholesale101, customers connect directly with us. We own all of our inventory and have a vested interest in the successful completion of each sale and the sustained relationship with each customer.

What are Past Season Transfers (PST’s)?

PST’s (or “Seasonal Shelf Pulls”) are First Quality inventory that will no longer be offered in retail stores. Since retail stores change their inventory seasonally, previous inventory is removed to make room on the shelves. Past season goods are then sold in bulk to companies like Wholesale101 at prices often below retailer cost. PST’s are primarily comprised of new First Quality items, but occasionally contain slight damages from increased handling. Our trained staff fully inspects all garments to sort out damages and grade them into their correctly identified quality category. Because we buy these products at significantly discounted prices, Wholesale101 can offer them to you for pennies on the dollar.

What is black-lining?

Many name brand companies insist that their brand label be marked to identify that the item was not purchased directly through their retail channels. The quality of the item is in no way different from unmarked apparel but is necessary for the brands to control potential returns to their retail stores.

What is First Quality?

Merchandise defined as First Quality is in retail-ready condition. These items are free of any defects and irregular manufacturing issues.

What are Shelf Pulls?

Previously available retail inventory that was never sold will often include a mixture of First Quality and Shelved merchandise. Shelved inventory is new but can sometimes show light signs of handling.

What are Customer Returns?

Merchandise previously sold by a national retailer that has been taken back from a consumer at the store level as part of the retailer’s store returns policy. Reasons for the customer return vary and may include off-size specification and/or missed garments, items with shading, broken buttons, missed belt loops, stains and/or slight tears or holes. There may also be nothing wrong with the item but when it was returned the style was no longer being offered in the store. Liberal return policies from major brands create a wide range of qualities that are actually returned to the stores. We purchase Customer Returns, inspect each piece and sort into our quality cadence as described above so that all garments are ready for sale to the consumer.

What are Irregulars?

Merchandise defined by this condition may be slightly off size specifications or include fabric shading, small needle lines, and fabric slubs. Please refer to our quality definitions.

How will the merchandise be packed?

All merchandise is neatly industry folded and placed in the carton to prevent unnecessary wrinkles and/or damage to accessories/general merchandise items. We take care in how we pack so you can receive and maximize your profitability on your purchase.

Are there any merchandise guarantees or warrantees on the merchandise offered by Wholesale101?

The merchandise sold on www.wholesale101.com is not covered under any guarantees or warrantees by the manufacturer, retailer or reseller.

Are there any Terms and Conditions related to goods purchased on Wholesale101?

In order to protect trademarks, certain brands offered on Wholesale101 require labels to be black-lined and stipulate certain conditions related to the resale of merchandise. In general the use of the brand's trademark in advertising is not permitted. In some cases there is a limitation on where the merchandise can be sold. Any conditions related to the brands being offered will be outlined in the offer description of each pallet or truckload. You will be asked to agree to these terms and conditions prior to the execution of your order. Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Please see Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.

Can the Merchandise be Inspected before I purchase?

All merchandise can be inspected at our warehouse in Beacon Falls, Connecticut. Contact us at 1-800-758-4499 to make an appointment.

Please note that goods will not be reserved for pending inspection without advanced payment.

What is needed to make a purchase?

Credit card pre-authorization, membership approval and required terms and conditions agreement are all that’s required to place an order. Some brands prohibit merchandise sales in certain countries. Please read the description of the offering carefully for any country restrictions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. WE DO NOT SHIP C.O.D. Orders do not ship without credit card pre-authorization. Once credit authorization is confirmed we process the order for shipping. Most orders are available to ship within 3 business days from receipt of the order. Truckload orders may take 5-7 business days to arrange transportation and pickup. We do not hold orders pending inspection.

Who is responsible for shipping charges?

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges from our warehouse to their facility.

With larger lots and freight quotes Wholesale101 can assist you in making sure your order is ready for delivery. For assistance with shipping your merchandise, contact customer service by emailing info@wholesale101.com or by calling: 1-800-758-4499

We will arrange for UPS or FedEx pickup at our facilities if you provide us with your account information. You must contact customer service with the account number within 24 hours of placing the order or your order will be cancelled.

If you wish to use your own trucks or LTL carriers, choose the shipping option Customer pick up” and contact our customer service department to schedule pick up date. You must contact customer service within 24 hours of placing the order or your order will be cancelled. All orders must be picked up within 5 business days of date of order.

Who is responsible for lost and or damaged merchandise?

Merchandise Title passes from Wholesale101 to the customer when the merchandise leaves Wholesale101’s docks in Beacon Falls, CT. If using UPS or Fedex, the delivering carrier should be held responsible for any lost, damaged or broken packages. All claims should be directed to the delivering carrier. All Wholesale101 packages are properly sealed in good condition cartons. Any picked-up” orders are the responsibility of the LTL carrier and the customer.


All shipments by Wholesale101 are F.O.B. Beacon Falls, Connecticut.

• Business day refers to Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays.

• Saturday and Sunday pickups and deliveries are currently not available.

Preferred Courier: UPS

Shipping Costs and Taxes:

If you reside in the State of Connecticut or pick up merchandise directly from our warehouse, you will need to provide a state resale tax certificate to be exempt from CT Sales Tax. We do not charge sales tax on purchases made by companies in other states.


Order Status

Once an order has shipped, customers will receive tracking information through email. Orders can also be tracked online through the My Account” section of Wholesale101.com. A link to the My Account” section of the site can be found on the on-screen shopping cart.

Credit Card Charges

All orders require pre-authorization but credit cards are not charged until the orders have shipped. If using a debit card, please note the funds authorized for the purchase will be reserved by the bank, but will not be charged until the order has shipped. When Wholesale101 processes a charge to the card, the pre-authorization” charge should automatically be removed, but occasionally there is a delay with some banking institutions resulting in two transactions of differing amounts on your statement. If the order does not ship, the funds set aside from the pre-authorization will be relinquished in 3-5 business days.


If tracking information shows your package was delivered but you have yet to receive it and are unable to locate the package using the carrier’s tracking number, please contact Customer Service at 800-758-4499 for further information.


To enable us to provide quick turnaround, all orders are processed once received. Once submitted, an order cannot be cancelled, changed or returned. Later additions to an order will be treated as a new order to be billed and shipped separately. Returns are not permitted without authorization in advance from Wholesale101.