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Overstocks, Customer Returns, Shelf Pulls, and Liquidation

We offer name brands at 5-20% of MSRP. Wholesale101 offers clothing, accessories and footwear from New York & Company, Delia's, rue21 and many other major brands. In addition to clothing, footwear and accessories, we also offer basic apparel, accessories and home goods from other nationally recognized brands.

We offer clothing inventory from Past Season Shelf Pulls/Overstocks, Customer Returns, Factory 1st Quality Closeouts and Irregulars in lots as small as a single carton (for smaller items like jewelry and accessories), by the pallet, and in bulk via truckloads of mixed categories and/or single items depending on the given opportunity we purchased for sale. All Goods 100% Inspected.

Sourcing from us is easy. Wholesale101 gives business owners/operators the ability to view and purchase offerings through our website using a credit card. All merchandise is in-house and will be shipped within 3-5 business days. has allowed me to become successful with my business. They have unbeatable deals on overstock clothing and customer returns!    - Danielle C

Wholesale Clothing - 100% inspected

Wholesale101 was founded by the owner of Nej, Inc, Ed Mascolo ( For 22 years Nej has been purchasing excess inventories in bulk and reprocessing those units for sale to the off-price retail market. Nej has purchased more than 250 million units including First Quality Goods, Past Season Shelf Pulls, Customer Returns and Factory 1st Quality Closeouts and Irregulars and is currently the exclusive authorized purchaser and reseller for many large, nationally recognized apparel, accessory and footwear brands. Historically Nej has sold its inventory primarily to national or regional multi-store chains. Now, through Wholesale101, Nej's inventory is available in smaller lots to better suit the needs of the small business owner/operator.

Our Warehouse

Wholesale & Liquidation Offerings:

First Quality Goods: Clothing, footwear, accessories and jewelry in retail-ready condition. First Quality items are free of any defects and/or irregular manufacturing issues. This is the condition in which a retail chain would receive its merchandise directly from the manufacturer.

Past Season Shelf Pulls/Overstocks:: Past Season Shelf Pulls/Overstock Goods are First Quality that were previously offered for sale in a retail store or on-line. Past Season Shelf Pulls are pulled off the shelves/racks of a retail store at the end of a selling season whereas Shelf Pulls/Overstock Goods can occur throughout the year. Past Season Shelf Pulls/Overstocks often include a mixture of overstocked First Quality and Shelved merchandise. Shelved inventory can sometimes show light signs of handling but remains in very good or like-new resale condition.

Customer Returns: Customer Returns are products that were previously sold by a national retailer that have been taken back from a consumer at the store level as part of the retailer’s store returns policy. Customer Returns may include off-size specification and/or mis-sized garments and items with shading, broken buttons, missed belt loops, stains and/or slight tears or holes. Customer Returns also include items with no flaws but that were simply unable to be resold due to the timing of the return. The liberal return policies of major retailers results in a wide range of qualities within the Customer Return classification. Customer Returns are 100% inspected and any items that are un-wearable are not included in our offerings. Our Customer Return offerings do not have holes, rips, tears and/or stains. All garments are ready for sale to your customer.

Factory 1st Quality Closeouts & Irregulars: Factory 1st Quality Clothing Goods, Closeouts & Irregulars: Factory excess can include 1st Quality merchandise as well as merchandise with slight imperfections such as slightly off size specifications, fabric shading, small needle lines, and factory slubs.